When was the last time you had your chimney swept? How often should you have it swept?

Your chimney must be kept clean to prevent fires and structural damage to your property.  Clean chimneys can also help the environment by assisting the complete combustion of the fuel, reducing emissions into the atmosphere.  Regular cleaning of your chimney or flue also eliminates the build up of soot and clears obstructions such as bird and animal nests, leaves and debris.

Using a vacuum cleaner is not sufficient to clean the chimney sufficiently.  Ensure your chimney is inspected at regular intervals to prevent fire breaking out of the chimney.  Fireguards can prevent serious injury or death and fitting spark guards can prevent a serious fire in your property.

How often should you get your chimney cleaned?
  • Smokeless coals – at least once a year
  • Bituminous – Coal – at least once a year
  • Wood – Every three months, when in use
  • Oil Fire – at least once a year
  • Gas Fire – at least once a year

Fire Prevention

  • Don't use flammable liquids such as petrol of paraffin to light your fire
  • Don't burn paper or rubbish
  • Never overload the fire with fuel
  • Go into the loft occasionally when the fire is alight to check for smoke from cracks, defective brickwork or mortar joints

In The Event of Fire

Use your fire escape plan to everyone out of the building. Call 999 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service.

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